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So, what do we mean by "What's your kinda high"?


Lots of things can get you kinda high - a night of great sex, the adrenaline rush during a roller coaster ride or an intense workout, even running into an old friend. Then, there's the other kinda high, brought about by alcohol, cannabis, other drugs, tobacco even, which can enhance or mitigate emotions or feelings. Well, tea and herbs can do the same. Monks have been using tea for thousands of years, believing it helps them reach a higher level of spirituality by facilitating meditation and self-cultivation. The Native American tribes revered the energizing qualities of Yaupon, or black drink, and indigenous tribes of the Amazon used Yerba Mate or the "stronger" Ayahuasca as traditional spiritual medicine. Granted, not everyone wants to take it to that level! Teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant or herbals or tisanes, are milder versions. Yes, teas can create a mood. They can relax you or energize you. Used socially, medicinally, and religiously, it's no wonder that tea is second only to water as the most consumed beverage in the world! 

What makes our teas so magical? It's called chemistry and it's all in the terpenes!

Terpenes are the organic compounds or essential oils, produced by some insects, a large variety of plants, and some conifers to attract insects for pollination or to repel predators. They are what give plants their flavor and smell. It is these aromas that you smell in your favorite perfume, glass of fine wine or scotch, a great cigar or cannabis smoke, dab, or vape. As a matter of fact, many researchers now believe terpenes are responsible for cannabis' strain effect as they can influence how much THC enters through the blood brain barrier. This is known as the entourage effect. But that's a bit TMI for now, so we'll get back to the tea.

Yes, tea also has terpenes and we believe these terpenes can help enhance or mitigate "your high" as they influence our brain neurons and can therefore affect moods. That's why here at Rolling Leaf, we carefully blend our teas according to their terpene profiles so every cup produces a specific state of being. 

And so now, here we are...

Rolling Leaf grew from our love of tea and our own history of travels and studies. It was inspired by exposure to excellent tastes, the arts, and yes, classic rock music. It was fine-tuned from our preference for all things that support nature and sustain Mother Earth in an organic way. It's like a leaf that has been rolling along through time.

We will offer the option of CBD and THC infusions (that is once NY catches up with the rest of the world and legalizes it). Because, well, we are Generation Xers and believe in all that Mother Nature has to offer. But whatever your preference and whatever your age, if you love tea as much as we do, then Rolling Leaf is for you. Swish it around your mouth like your favorite fine wine and savor it. The flavor is superior, sourced from the best leaves and the richest earth.  So we ask... "What's your kinda high"? Drop us a not and let us know. We'll be introducing new blends soon!

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