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Hello, fellow tea-drinkers, and thanks for visiting our page!
So, here’s our story:  

We’re native New Yorkers and Gen-Xers.  You know what that means!  We’re from a different time when kids were given a lot more responsibility and freedom. We grew up on tea. Perhaps it was because we had a half-Irish family, who loved their breakfast tea with milk and sugar, and let's not forget the added shot of blackberry brandy that was the cure all. The Sicilian side had to have a pitcher of instant iced for the kids at every meal and never missed their weekly ritual at the Chinese restaurant. We loved reading our fortune cookies and tea leaves at the end!

Fast forward to the late 80’s. 

Our sister and founder, Robin, landed her first job at NYC's Mayfair Regent Hotel.  She worked after school at the Tearoom / Lobby Lounge.  It was a five star hotel with an elite clientele.  Dressed in a long black skirt and a Victorian styled blouse was anything but cool. But wow, did she develop a love of fine teas! This is where she started blending, and her clients wanted more.
It was there and then that we created Tealicious, Inc., sister company of the new Rolling Leaf and the first catering company in NYC to specialize in the art of the Afternoon Tea and tea infused cocktail events. Tealicious took all the pleasures of the Mayfair Regent afternoon tea and modernized them.  We took our blending even further by creating signature teas and event gifts for not just our private clients, but for global brands as well.  We were noted as the top 100 event gifts by Bizbash media for the Swatch Group's "TimePeace" gift where we created specific tea blends to match each of their watch brands.  We created a signature, tea infused bbq sauce for Sir Richard Branson's favorite snack, the burger, which we served at his Virgin Charter launch party.  We created specific blends for The Recording Academy, Music Cares, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Buccellati, Alberto Milani Jewelry and the Steve Nash Foundation, to name a few.  We also created a signature tea for the world's top chef, Massimo Bottura called "Un bacio da Massimo" which was paired with his famous "Oops, I dropped the lemon tart".  And our love for tea didn’t stop there.  You see, we have ever since maintained a treasure-trove of teas at home.  After all, tea is not just for starting the day or those few awesome moments of unwinding from life after a hard day’s work.  It’s not just for relaxing at night or drinking when sick or depressed.  We’ve had special brews for colds, for PMS, for aches and pains, sleeplessness, puffy eyelids, etc.  We developed a very fine relationship with tea over the years.  We were self-proclaimed tea connoisseurs even back then. Then we took it further again.  We spent years studying teas and visiting tea plantations and tearooms around the world, from Sri Lanka and India, to China, Japan, England, and of course through our studies at home where we are now certified by the Specialty Tea Institute of the U.S.A.  We proud to say, we are also the first American women to hold certification in Chinese Tea Culture and Ceremonies from Zhejiang Shuren University's Tea Research Department, Hangzhou, China.  Most recently, our studies are expanding including research in cannabis sativa as we recognize the relationship between plants and the chemistry behind them.

Over the years, we have worked with many global brands, charitable organizations and foundations highlighting tea.  Now with Rolling Leaf, we're excited to take all that we have learned to a new level.  We hope you'll continue the journey with us!



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